Tips on Applying Makeup Outdoors

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Applying Makeup Outdoors

Article Written by : Kid Stuff

If you’re a makeup artist in the fashion industry, chances are you will be working in the great outdoors every once in a while. Although working outdoors can be exciting and different, it can also be extremely challenging. Unlike studio work, outdoor photo shoots vary from project to project. Even when all of the elements come together, an outdoor photo shoot can change in a flash due to weather change and the time of the day.

But an experienced and professional makeup artist plans ahead. Even when applying makeup for an outdoor photo shoot, a makeup artist can arrive prepared and ready to tackle any challenge at hand. Need a few tips? The professionals at Cosmix Inc., a makeup artistry school in South Florida, have provided the following tips on how to apply makeup for outdoor photo shoots.

Dress Accordingly

An outdoor photo shoots means that you will be facing all types of weather. Be prepared by dressing according to the weather report, but also bring a change of clothes. If the weather is supposed to be hot and sunny, wear shorts and short sleeves, but also bring pants and a sweater just in case. It’s also important to bring a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Finally, shoes are very important while applying makeup outside. Make sure to wear comfortable sneakers.

Bring the Right Equipment

It’s important to have the right equipment and tools with you while on an outdoor photo shoot. Consider the equipment you will need when applying the makeup, such as a portable makeup chair, a portable table, and your portable makeup bag. You will also need to consider electricity. The outdoor set might not have outlets, which means you will need to have batteries for all of your styling tools and equipment, including battery operated lights and fans. If the weather is extremely hot, bring a cooler with water. If you’re expecting cold weather, bring a blanket for your model so that she or he is comfortable.

Bring the Right Makeup

Outdoor makeup should be strong enough to withstand wind, heat, rain, and other outdoor elements. Rely on your makeup classes to teach you how to choose the right products according to the weather. Consider bringing waterproof mascara. It’s also important to consider how the makeup will do in humidity. If it is going to be windy, consider bringing additional styling products to accommodate windy weather. If you will be shooting near the ocean, be prepared for sand by bringing a soft brush to remove sand from unwanted areas.

Tips on Applying Makeup Outdoors