Making Sense of the Contact Lens Expiration Date

August 4, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health

Some people prefer the convenience that comes with contact lenses but you need to keep in mind that contact lenses require a bit more care than eyeglasses do. The extra steps you need to follow may seem intimidating but your doctor will break down a few best practices to make living with contacts as seamless as possible.

Following the Doctor’s Orders

When you go to an optometrist’s office you will get your eyes checked out and measured. If you and your doctor believe that contact lenses would be a good vision solution, you will be given a prescription that you can have filled at any authorized vendor. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, you may choose to get contact lenses that are designed to last only a day, a couple of weeks, or possibly even an entire month.

Even if your current pair of air optix contact lenses seem to be in good working condition, they may be less effective if you try to use them the following day. If your contacts are designed to last a month then setting a calendar reminder can help you stay on track.

Disposing When Necessary

When you receive your contact lenses from or your provider of choice you will notice an expiration date on the box Manufacturers put these dates on their products to inform consumers that they may not be as strong and could possibly even damage your eyes, if ignored. Even if you have extras you should toss them when the expiration date comes.