Five Fragrances for Sophisticated Men

September 14, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

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No well-dressed man is complete without an elegant, masculine fragrance to help make a memorable impression. Here are five men’s fragrances that astute men should consider.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

Five Fragrances For Sophisticated Men

Calvin Klein’s Eternity is renowned for being a classic, popular fragrance in the 90s. If you prefer stronger citrus-based scents, its nostalgic, time-tested formula may still serve you well.

Kenneth Cole Black Bold

Five Fragrances For Sophisticated Men

This fragrance was inspired by the boldness and attitude of life in New York City. It has freshness from citrus and spices, but it also carries hints of wood and leather for a balanced, cosmopolitan feel.

Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord

Five Fragrances For Sophisticated Men

Cocoa is the magic ingredient of The Scent Private Accord from Hugo Boss. The mix of mocha, cocoa, and ginger results in a rich, creamy texture that is unique and alluring.

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero

Five Fragrances For Sophisticated Men

Jimmy Choo’s fragrance Urban Hero is designed for mass appeal among men. It may not reinvent the wheel, but its ingredients such as lemon caviar, black pepper, and hints of leather create a reliable and suave product.

Coach Men’s Blue

Five Fragrances For Sophisticated Men

If you want a smell that’s more cool and self-assured instead of spicy and dark, Coach’s Blue fragrance evokes the refreshing feeling of a good cocktail at the bar. Its use of lime, absinthe, and amber makes this one a good choice for relaxing outings.

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