Can Daily Contact Lenses Be Worn Longer?

May 6, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

Summary: Daily contact lenses are becoming more and more popular. But, many people neglect to follow the recommended safety protocols. Here are some issues that you may run across if you wear your daily contact lenses longer than they should be worn.

Many people are making the switch to daily contact lenses like Dailies Aqua comfort Plus for example, thanks to their comfortable nature. As their name implies, daily lenses should be discarded after use and not placed in a storage container for another day. Here are some reasons why you should be following this.

Risk of Infection

Daily contact lenses are comprised of different materials than your standard contact lenses. Because they are meant for single use, they are thinner and provide more moisture to the eyes. If you decide to save them for another day, you may end up risking an eye infection or worse, permanent damage. Bacteria and other particle can easily deteriorate the contact lens quite rapidly. To be safe, discard them after every use.

They Dry Out

Another reason why you shouldn’t wear dailies past a single day is because they tend to dry out relatively easily. Let’s say you decide to wear your dailies for three days in a row. On the third day, you’ll likely end up experiencing dry eyes and irritation. This will cause you to rub your eyes and potentially tear the lens. And, if your prescription only allows you to see with these medical devices, you could end up in a precarious situation.

Make sure that you consult with your eye doctor before to ensure that the daily contact lenses that you have are right for your eyes. Some brands may not fit your eyes or be suitable for your health. The experts at recommend that you contact your doctor if any signs of redness or infection occur.