Mineral Makeup: Spring and Summer Fashion

May 4, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

Mineral Makeup

Makeup fashion for spring and summer this year is all about bright candy shades – calling for bold, playful looks. You can work it in those bright purples, blues and pinks this season. Using mineral makeup is very easy, and making it look dramatic – even easier. All you need to do is dab a little bit of water on the brush, and voila! You have your bit of drama all sorted out. For a dramatic daytime look, try on the wet look at the edge of the eye. This makes the corners of the lid darker than the inside; making the bright colours you use pop!

Mix and match

To add to the drama, you do not have to use just one boring colour. Try a blue with a hot pink, and dab on some purple as well. Do not worry about looking too overdramatic; as long as you keep the colour on the lids of your eyes, then they will make your eyes look airy and light. This kind of look is wearable almost anywhere.

Champagne base

Make sure that your mineral kit comes with a lighter colour for the base, such as champagne. This kind of base is perfect for ensuring that you do not get too much makeup on. You can last the entire season with just two or three hot candy shades. Keep experimenting different looks.

Mascara = drama

Whatever you decide to forego, you cannot leave out your mascara. With the bright colours you will be wearing, you will need fairly thick lines of mascara to give you that dramatic look and make those colours pop.

Mineral Makeup: Spring and Summer Fashion