How to Apply Eye Makeup

May 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

Eye Makeup

Most people think that eye makeup takes ages and sometimes can opt for eye liner and a simple lippy. Here are some easy eye make up tips that can give you those glamorous bedroom eyes in less than 10 min:

Concealer– To create a deep-set foundation for your eyes, apply a concealer to cover your dark circles. Start with applying three small dots of concealer on each eye and then apply the product from the inner part of the eye to the outer sections.

Apply eye base to your lid – An eye base is a great way to set your eye shadow and avoid ugly creases.

Apply shadow – To properly blend in your eye shadow opt for tones that come in three similar shades. Like for example if you choose a purple eye colour, choose a shimmer, a lilac and a grey. You should start with applying the lightest colour on your entire eyelid. Then follow with the darker shade in the centre sections of your eye lid and finish with the darkest eye colour. Blending can take a little practice so make sure practice before your night out.

Eye liner – Use a soft eyeliner that has been sharpened. Simply glide the pencil under your eye and slightly smudge the centres, so your eyes have a softer tone.

Mascara – Before you apply your mascara, make sure you curl your lashes. To make your eyes stand out try heating your lash curler and gently curling your lashes. Apply your mascara from the inner sections of your lashes right through to the ends in one clean sweep.

Yes, ladies it is as simple as that!

How to Apply Eye Makeup