Everything You Need to Know About Colored Contacts

January 21, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Health

Summary: Colored contacts can be a great aesthetic add-on for a party or to match your outfit. However, be sure you understand the risks before purchasing them.

Are you thinking about buying some colored contacts for a Halloween party or just for fun? This article is designed to tell you everything you need to know before making the purchase.

They Are the Same as Regular Contacts

Colored contacts are essentially the same as regular contact lenses. There is nothing really different about them except the fact that they change your eye color. These lenses have a clear counterpart but uses the same design as your standard lens. If you regularly wear contacts and are looking to make the switch, you should be fine in terms of comfort.

Consult With an Optometrist Beforehand

You might benefit from your optometrist’s advice before using colored contacts. Not only can they recommend a brand that suits your eyes the best but they can also determine whether they are right for your specific lifestyle. Remember, colored contacts can be a bit thicker than regular ones so they may take a little getting used to.

You Need a Prescription for Them

For colored contacts, you’ll need a prescription. Even if they have zero power, you still need to consult with your eye doctor. This is because all contacts are medical devices that can potentially damage your eyes. Once your doctor gives you the okay, you will get a prescription that matches your vision and can proceed to place the order.

Never Share Them With Others

Just like you wouldn’t do with your normal contacts, never share them with friends or family. You might think they’re just like makeup, especially if they’re zero power and you want to switch up your look, but you should not share them with anyone. This can lead to an infection or irritation of the eye that may require medical attention.

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