Enjoying Coffee at the Angelina Tearoom

January 15, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Travel

Coffee at the Angelina Tearoom never gets the attention it deserves because the hot chocolate is, admittedly, the hero of this Parisian institution. Nevertheless, coffee connoisseurs would definitely give Angelina Tearoom their stamp of approval for curating their coffee with the same high standards as they do their tea and cacao.

Angelina’s coffee selection is small and without the usual frills and non-essentials of the popular coffee franchises. Their coffee menu is straightforward: Espresso, Double Espresso, Black Coffee, Coffee with Steamed Milk, Black Coffee with Whipped Cream, and Cappuccino. While they also offer a delicious Iced Coffee, there are no frappes and fancy-flavored syrups. What’s remarkable is that their coffee is delicious even in its plainest form, assuring you that their grounds are fresh and of superior quality.

Any coffee enthusiast visiting the Angelina Tearoom should also sample their coffee ice cream. There are plenty of delicious coffee-flavored ice creams, especially in Paris. But this one by Angelina really brings out the rich, complex flavor of fine beans and the texture is something else entirely. It’s easy to finish a double scoop of this but it actually pairs incredibly well with the Piedmont Hazelnut.

Unfortunately, coffee doesn’t make much of an appearance in their famed pastry selection but they do have one other esteemed coffee treat: Milk chocolate coated coffee beans. Canisters of this delight can be purchased at the front of the store. It’s delicious and exquisitely packaged, perfect to take home for yourself or even for a loved one.