Summer skin care routine

April 1, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Beauty

Summer skin care routine

Article Written by : Michigan Writers

Seasonal weather changes bring new challenges and your skin is no exception. Weather and environmental changes put a heavy demand on your face and skin. Your winter beauty regimen will not give results during summer months.

During summer months your skin tends to get more oiler. Frequent breakouts are also common during summer months. Higher temperature increases your perspiration and that results in more oil buildup on your skin. So you need special skin care routine and different products during summer months.

  • For oily skin, you need to use a cleanser made for oily skin. Products containing benzoyl peroxide will help with any breakouts. Occasional use of sulfur based products may also help. Make sure your moisturizer is oil free.
  • Normal to dry skin fare better during summer months. But the skin may still need exfoliation and hydration. These skin types should use a lightweight skin moisturizer.
  • Sunscreen is a must for any type of skin and all year round. Chemical free sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide recommended for avoiding skin irritations. Most recent product developments for summer skin care include a broad-spectrum UV damage control ingredient known as Parsol. People with skin issues should consult a specialist for summer skin treatment regimen.
Summer skin care routine